Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Google Algo & Spurious SEO Practices

Was searching Google for network monitoring software. Just thought how relevant the results were & ended up doing a bit of analysis.

The Top 10 results are the following URLs


The No. 1 site has a domain name of extension .gov & it lists network monitoring software of the Open Source variety. May be its this combination (.gov & opesource) that lets them be No. 1 inspite of a very few incoming links.

The No. 2 site has got a network monitoring product named Overseer alright but they most probably employ a 'Blackhat' Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm who has got unrelated links at the bottom -, - probably a link exchange program. Also there are links to pages like this one - - which most probably are cloaked pages. Complain this to Google & you are safely ignored.

The No. 3 site clearly employs the spurious SEO technique - banner/link exchange program done by the site At the bottom you find a banner linking to (try clicking on it, you'll get pop-up ads for screensavers & smileys).

No qualms on the No. 4 site as is an authority on most (tech) subjects & the link is a good article summarising some of the free network monitoring tools. Deserves to be there in Top 5.

No. 5 is for Nagios, an opensource product. Seems that they have got a very good following & many sites link up to it. The .org domain name extension adds on to its popularity. Deserves to be there.

No. 6 & No. 7 (oh, a sheer waste of very valuable search engine space) is for a product named NOCOL/SNIPS. NOCOL is no longer there as the product has morphed into two different products named Helix & Netvigil. The site recommends using one of the above two products. Don't know how this link for an obsolete product continues to be in the Top 10! May be due to the loophole of Google giving weightage to very old sites.

The No. 8 site belongs to Stanford University. It has an exhaustive list of network monitoring tools & deserve to be there - may be even higher up the list.

The No. 9 site is for ipMonitor, a low-cost tool for monitoring networks. They have a clever strategy. The company also owns a web-analytics product named DeepMetrix & they have exchanged links to each of their own products. Mm, can't say this is bad, but that doesn't means its good - just that they are clever to exploit the weightage that search engines like Google give for linking.

The No. 10 site is for another network monitoring product named Intermapper. Now, why are they here? No link exchanges, no spurious SEO techniques, no keyword stuffing. Mm, may be my hunch is the huge number of backlinks (2,160) to their homepage that they've got. Its clever to have made .org & .edu sites host the solution in open & to benefit from it, but hope links like these don't compromise the security of the network.

Hm, its now upto you to decide on how SEO affects Google.


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